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New Joffrey's Coffee Opened in Centro Ybor (Downtown Ybor City!)
November 16th, 2009 4:04 PM

Blog for 10-29-09

Sitting at the newly opened Joffrey’s Coffee in Historic Ybor City in Centro Ybor, I am having a fabulous Café Mocha with a freshly made Cuban Egg Sandwich. This is one of the toughest markets that Tampian's have seen in quite awhile, but we always have time for a coffee. Joffrey’s Coffee, located in Centro Ybor is less than 1 week new and is doing a wonderful business.

The tourists, employees of Ybor, Residents of Ybor and just plain folk like me love to know that the closed Starbucks location is now a Vibrant and very Open Location Home to Joffrey’s Coffee. The owners, Jessica and Gladys, had a dream and made that dream Come True. Even in this tough economy!

That is my advice to all of you… Don’t let this economy get you down. If you have a dream, do what it takes to make it happen. Put a business plan together along with a financial analysis of what it is going to take to go into business and allow yourself enough money for renovations, inventory, employees pay and money to pay rent for at least 12 months. Most Landlords like to see a healthy bank account, good credit reports and financial statements.

However, Landlords are happy to have new inspired businesses. Landlords are willing to work with new owners of these businesses! DO NOT let this economy get you down. Be positive and keep plugging away until you get to where you want to go… and don’t stop there.

Look to the future. Think of ways to make your business better. Think of ways to be pro-active and ways to expand or create a future franchise or ownership of more franchises down the road.

The future is Yours! Take it now!

In regards to Joffrey’s Coffee… I helped them find this Excellent location in the Heart of the Historic District of Ybor City located in Centro Ybor, assisted with all negotiations and created a great relationship between Landlord and Tenant! The entire Transaction was smooth, easy and Joffrey’s had an easy and very welcoming “soft” opening this past week. The Grand Opening is yet to come… most likely just after Guavaween this coming weekend.

On a Business note, if you are seeking a location to put your business, whether for an office user or opening a new business or an existing franchise, I can help you on all levels.

Call to set up an appointment to discuss how to get moving to your new Location! 813-935-9600

Tina Marie Eloian  10-29-09

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Posted by Tina Marie Eloian, CCIM- Broker on November 16th, 2009 4:04 PMPost a Comment

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After reading your blog I visited. This coffee shop is fantastic. The staff, the quality and coffee priced right. The ham, egg, & cheese on that cuban bread was excellent. A wonderfull addition to Ybor City. Something that was definately needed compared to what currently is in Ybor. Thanks for letting everyone know.

Posted by Laure Premenko on October 2nd, 2010 6:21 PM


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